Strawbery Banke is not hosting on-site field trips during 2020.  Please check out our new remote learning opportunities including Virtual Field Trips, History at Home and Museum Clubs.  We look forward to having students back on our site as soon as it is safe to do so.

Welcome to the Strawbery Banke Virtual Classroom!

On this site you will find lesson planning materials, primary documents and interactive exercises for both teachers and students. Visit often, explore with your students and enjoy the museum.  To read more about special events and happenings at Strawbery Banke, please visit strawberybanke.org.

How To Use This Site:    

The Strawbery Banke curriculum offers an academic context for a visit to the historical museum. In order to create a more comprehensive and meaningful learning experience, we have created pre-visit, during visit and post-visit resources for both students and teachers. These are located along the top of this page.

The virtual classroom also provides student-friendly descriptions of the various buildings, exhibits and historical perspectives associated with the Strawbery Banke Museum. In most cases, these are accompanied by printable handouts to use in the classroom.

What Will You See? 

Strawbery Banke Museum consists of 8 furnished historical houses that reflect life at different time periods in Porsmouth’s history. In addition, there are live trade and craft demonstrations that take place during the day, 5 unfurnished exhibit buildings and associated historical gardens.

What is a Roleplayer?


In some of the furnished houses, you will meet historical roleplayers. Think of thesepeople as actors; they dress in costumes that people wore in the past and portray people who lived in the Puddle Dock neighborhood at different times in history.  When you see these roleplayers, feel free to ask them questions about life throughout history. They will tell you about the challenges and opportunities facing residents of the area, as well as demonstrate some of the skills needed to prosper throughout history.