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I believe teaching has changed in many essential ways. At no time has access to information been so prevalent, instant, and complete. Students are connecting not only to facts, but to each other in ways many never envisioned. This information is being created and organized by experts and peers alike, giving rise to interactive community forums. These entities are not just toys, they are changing the way we all learn, organize information and communicate with one another. Changes like these have tremendous implications for the classroom. Learning now involves the ability to make meaning of this information for social, political, moral, and educational development. Perhaps most importantly, students must also learn to evaluate information for context, truthfulness, and merit. Skills such as critical thinking, communication, and literacy are essential for success in this changing environment, and should be essential in any classroom. As a consequence, my expectations for student work not only involve higher-order thought, but professionalism and creativity with regard to content, form, relevance, and medium.

Welcome to Living History!

Originally named Strawbery Banke by early (1630) British settlers for the strawberries growing there, Strawbery Banke today is unique among outdoor history museums – tracing 375 years of history in one of America‘s oldest continuously occupied neighborhoods. The 10-acre site, with its … Continue reading

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