Historic Houses

Here are some of the buildings and attractions you will visit when you come toStrawbery Banke. Use the links below to brainstorm some questions for the historical characters you will meet along the way.

Chase House (1818)Goodwin garden

Goodwin Mansion (1870)

The Abbott House (1943)

Rider-Wood House (1830s)

Pitt Tavern (1777)

Shapiro House (1919)SONY DSC

Shapley-Drisco House (1795; 1950s)

Thomas Bailey Aldrich House (1908)

Wheelright House (1780)


2 Responses to Historic Houses

  1. Anonymous says:

    how old is strawberry banke?

    • bhallen2 says:

      Strawbery Banke is over 300 years old! The oldest house you can visit in the neighborhood was built around 1695. Before the British settlers arrived and began building here, the land we call Strawbery Banke was traditionally used by Pennacook and Abenaki people, who were both part of the Wabanaki Confederacy by the time European settlers arrived.

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