During Your Visit

Here are some activities that will help you get the most out of your Strawbery Banke visit.

Activity #1: Strawbery Banke Discovery Guide

The Discovery Guide is meant to provide a fun and engaging experience for students while simultaneously helping them focus on specific information about each house and make connections between buildings.  The guide is also useful to help parent chaperones open a dialogue with the students about what they are experiencing during their visit.  This guide can be printed for each student to fill in during the museum tour.  Alternatively, a guide can be printed for each group to read together and students can verbally answer the questions as they go along.

Download the DG 2019 (available by April 20, 2019)

Discovery Guide Copying Instructions:  Each Discovery Guide will consist of 5 pages double-sided.  Copy each page that is provided (double-sided).  Place the 5 pages together in the order they are provided.  Fold each booklet in half and staple down the middle.  You will end up with a 20 page Discovery Guide booklet.

Activity #2: Virtual House Tour

Complete the Virtual Scavenger Hunt from the Pre-Visit Activities page.  Bring it with you on the day of your visit and find out the answers to all your questions!

Teachers: you can download this classroom handout here.

Activity #3: Daily Life Comparison

Answer the questions about your life located on the Pre-Visit Activities page.  As you visit the buildings at Strawbery Banke, record how families in different time periods accomplished the same tasks that you do.  Fill in the chart to see how technology and daily life have changed over time.

Teachers: you can download this classroom handout and a chart for students to fill in here.

Activity #4: Object Scavenger Hunt

Preview the pictures of objects located on the Pre-Visit Activities page. Try to guess what each object is.  During your visit to Strawbery Banke, be on the look out for the same objects and find out what they are and how they are used.  Discover whether your guesses about each object were correct.

Teachers: you can download the classroom handout for this exercise here as a Word Document and here as a PDF. You can also download the answer key here.