Want to learn more about growing up on Puddle Dock in 1919?  Use the “Ask a Question” section below to ask Mollie Shapiro a question!  

5 Responses to Education

  1. Anonymous says:

    why did abraham work at two different places?

    • bhallen2 says:

      That’s a very good question! He worked hard in order to support his family, but he did not work at the shoe factory and the pawn shop at the same time. He quit his job at the shoe factory before opening and successfully running his own pawnshop.

  2. Carolyne Shapiro says:

    My name is Carolyne Shapiro and am a direct descendant of — my grandfather Harry Shapiro yep was there — he had my father Dr. Sumner Shapiro with my grandmother Eva ( Goldsmith) Shapiro and also my uncle Jim and my uncle Norman – all Harvard grads. TY so so much for this — it is wonderful to see and know for our family tree!!! Blessings!!!! Carolyne Amy Shapiro Sheman Oaks, CA 91401

  3. Anonymous says:

    did they teach spanish

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