Girl Scout Programs

Welcome to the Daisy Flower GardenStories Alive Optimists and Activists 2011 (64)

Visit Strawbery Banke to discover the importance of plants to people in the past for food and as medicines. Examine a 19th-century herbarium and create a garden journal of your own. Learn about medicinal herbs and make fennel toothpowder to take home.  Before or after the program, use a special booklet to explore several of the museum’s gardens from three different centuries.  In each space, children are encouraged to interact with many of the flowers that are highlighted in the Journey Book. Groups can visit the historic houses, meet roleplayers and explore the Family Discovery Center as part of their tour as well.

Daisy Girls Scouts can download the Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden booklet as a companion to the Journey.

stories-alive-adventure-and-invention-209-e1496754890469.jpgDancing Through the Ages

From English Country Dancing through the era of East Coast Swing, discover how dancing has played an important role in the lives of Americans through the centuries.  Dress in costumes and try out the steps as you travel through three centuries of dance in America.  This 90-minute program covers four of the five requirements for the Brownie Dancer Badge.

Making GamesAlysse

Explore the daily lives of girls living 200 years ago through their games and entertainments.  Discover how technologies have changed over time as you create a scavenger hunt of 18th-century artifacts and search an historic house to find them.  Use mystery objects to explore how girls entertained themselves while working and try out some favorite games played during everyday chores and on special occasions.  This 90-minute workshop meets four of the five requirements for the Brownie Making Games Badge.

Amuse Journey Try-OutIMG_2719

This exciting workshop will help Junior Girl Scouts complete the third section of their Journey book series “It’s Your Story- Tell It.” During the two-hour program, girls will explore the roles played by children in the past as they take on the character of a child that lived in the Strawbery Banke neighborhood in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. After reading a short biography of their character, girls will dress in reproduction costumes and have the chance to roleplay as their new character in Strawbery Banke’s historic homes. At the end of the workshop, they will have completed one of the three requirements for the Junior aMuse Journey award.

Playing in the Past

What would it be like to grow up in a time befoCamp 2014 928re electricity and modern conveniences?  Junior Girl Scouts can find out as they visit Strawbery Banke and become immersed in the 19th-century.  Learn to do kitchen chores, bake cookies on a cookstove, and play a Victorian parlor game.  Then dress in costume, make an accessory to go along with the outfit and have a tea party with your friends.   This 90-minute program meets 3.5 of the 5 requirements for the Junior Playing in the Past Badge.

Flower PowBuilding Detectives (28)er

Explore the scientific world of flowers through microscopic investigation.   Then take part in three hands-on activities that bring you up close with herbs and plants.  From the 18th-century world of the apothecary to the Victorian language of flowers, discover what flora can teach about different times in American history.  This 90-minute program covers all of the requirements for the Naturalist Proficiency Flower Badge.

Price:   $12.00 per child/$8.00 per adult ($120.00 minimum)
Groups must pay a $120.00 minimum
When minimum is met, 2 troop leaders are admitted free per group.
Dates:    Programs are offered September – June.  Weekends and afterschool times are available.

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