Life Long Learning – Adult Programs

Are you looking for enrichment for an organization or group to which you belong? Maybe you’re just searching for something fun for an online gathering of friends. Strawbery Banke Museum offers a wide variety of educational programs for adult learners. Through images, primary documents, objects and discussion; museum staff will bring their passion and expertise to a variety of topics. Zoom sessions will include screen sharing, historical content and time for Q & A.

Ask an Expert

Archaeology at the Banke: Archaeological excavations have made important contributions to Strawbery Banke Museum research and interpretation since the 1960s. Join Strawbery Banke’s Archaeologist and discover the ways in which archaeology has uncovered information about the people who lived in Puddle Dock through the centuries.

The Shapiro Story:
Investigate how Strawbery Banke Museum brought the story of a real Russian-Jewish immigrant family to life! Learn about the journey that brought the Shapiros to New Hampshire, listen to their descendents describe their trials and triumphs in Portsmouth, and examine the ins and outs of life in Portsmouth’s Puddle Dock neighborhood in 1919.

Visit with a Roleplayer

Go back in time with one of Strawbery Banke Museum’s professional roleplayers and hear firsthand what life was like at different times in the past. Roleplayers use objects and storytelling to convey the details of life in their era. They are ready to converse, discuss and answer questions about living in Puddle Dock through time. Choose from the time of Pitt Tavern (1777), the Goodwin Mansion (1870) or the Abbott Store (1943).

Cost: $150 per program. 50% discount for other nonprofits.

Length: Programs are 45 – 60 minutes including Q&A.

Group Size: Up to 80 people

Programs are scheduled based upon participant and staff availability.


Sea Level Rise
Enslaved and Free: Researching Black History in Puddle Dock
Landscape and Garden History

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