Outreach/Traveling Programs

Bring Strawbery Banke Museum to your classroom with one of our traveling programs!


Toys and Games of Long Ago (grades 1-5): Explore the daily life of pre-industrial Americans through the toys and games of times past.  Try out homemade wooden toys, play word games invented to make tedious chores more enjoyable and discover games that helped children learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

TArchitecture Model Picso Build a House: 18th-Century Architecture (grades 4 – 8): Students become a construction crew and, working as a team, assemble a tabletop model of an 18th-century post-and-beam house.  Then they use the model to find out what the layout of a house can tell us about the daily life of people living 250 years ago.

A Visitor from the Past (grades 3 – 8): Explore life in one of the past three centuries with a costumed roleplayer who will share stories of life in the Puddle Dock neighborhood of Portsmouth.  Roleplayers use objects and hands-on activity to bring their historical eras to life in the classroom. Choose from one of the following options:Alena Outreach

  • Hear tales of patriots and loyalists in1777 from Mrs. Stavers
  • Learn about the changing world of the 19th-century from Mrs. Goodwin
  • Share the experiences of Mrs. Shapiro, an early 20th-century Jewish immigrant.

Programs are designed to run for 45 – 60 minutes each and serve one classroom at a time.

Price: $150 per initial presentation (plus mileage), $100 per subsequent presentation of same program.

Registration Required