Planning Your Trip

Museum Expectations:

  • Please break your students into small groups of no more than 10.5-6 is recommended for elementary aged students.
  • Teachers and chaperones are required to stay with their students at ALL times (for students under 16).
  • Adults must be the first people into the buildings.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the buildings (this includes candy and gum).
  • Please remind students not to write against or lean on walls, pick flowers, walk in flowerbeds, climb trees or touch the artifacts and walls in the buildings.

Arrival at Strawbery Banke Museum:

  • Buses will park in our Hancock St. parking lot. A museum staff member will direct you when you arrive.
  • Chaperones are required to carpool or ride on the bus due to limited parking.
  • Each group will be allowed to park one car for every twenty students attending.
  • Do not drop students off on Marcy St. or in the Marcy St. parking lot.
  • If you are WALKING, please gather your students together on Puddle Dock; a museum staff member will meet you there.
  • Please keep students on buses or near cars until a museum staff member greets you.
  • Directions can be found on the Strawbery Banke Museum Website.


  • Please pay in the Tyco Visitors Center when you arrive. One form of payment is required.  We accept checks, cash or credit (MasterCard, Visa & Discover).  Checks should be made payable to “Strawbery Banke Museum”
  • You will receive visitor maps and admission stickers upon check-in.
  • Please have your Confirmation Sheet (emailed in advance) ready with the actual numbers of students, teachers, chaperones, bus drivers, and special aides recorded on it.
  • If you have chaperones who arrive on their own, please ask them to wait for the school and not purchase tickets separately. Chaperones who purchase tickets separately will be charged the regular museum admission ($19.50 for 2019).

Visitor’s Guide:

  • You will receive a Visitor’s Guide for each chaperone on the day of your trip.  The Visitor’s Guide is a map of the site and includes a list of the roleplayers and demonstrators that are on site each day.
  • You can download the Visitor’s Guide map here.
  • Contact the Museum a few days before your trip to find out what demonstrators and roleplayers are scheduled to be on site the day you visit. (


  • Have students bring bag lunches from home.
  • Plan to keep lunches on buses/in cars. We do not have refrigeration available.
  • A few picnic tables are available on the grounds. You may also picnic on Puddle Dock, the large grassy area in the center of the museum. Please follow our carry-in carry-out trash policy.
  • In inclement weather, plan to eat on buses/in cars, we do not have indoor space available.

Prescott Park:

When visiting Prescott Park, please observe the following:

  • Please follow the Park’s carry-in/carry-out trash policy.
  • No climbing in trees or pulling on branches.
  • Children should not be unattended when using bathroom facilities.
  • Please do not run through flowerbeds or pick flowers.
  • Keep away from employees who are operating equipment.
  • Stay out of the water fountains.
  • Please be mindful and respectful other people who are visiting Prescott Park.


  • Determine a departure time in advance and remind all chaperones when you expect them to return to the buses/cars with their students. Don’t forget to take attendance!
  • The museum is open for self-guided tours from 10:00am to 5:00pm, May 1 – October 31.

Cancellation and Rescheduling May – October:

  • The museum is open in all types of weather. Rescheduling a Time Travel Workshop will be very difficult and may not be possible; however if you must cancel a Time Travel Workshop, please do so at least two weeks in advance by calling 603-422-7541.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a Self-Guided Tour, please contact us as soon as possible so another school may take your place (603-422-7541).
  • We appreciate as much advanced notice as possible of cancellations or late arrivals. To contact us on the day of your visit, please call 603-781-6332.

School Group FAQs:

1.  How much time should I plan to spend at Strawbery Banke?

  • For a self-guided tour, groups should plan to spend at least two hours.  If you schedule Time Travel Workshops, you will need at least 3.5 hours if you have more than 15 students.  Special programs like History Explorers and Thanksgiving run for specified times.  Check the website for more information.

2. Is there parking for buses, chaperones and families on site?

  • Yes, there is a parking lot for visitors, but during May and June parking is limited.  We ask that adults carpool or ride on the bus.  There is space for each school to bring one car for every 20 students.  Extra cars should park off-site.  If a group is coming in cars and not bringing a bus, please contact the Education Department in advance to make parking arrangements.

3. Is there an indoor space to eat lunch?

  • Strawbery Banke has no indoor space available to eat lunch May – November.  Groups can bring lunch and picnic at the museum or across the street in Prescott Park.  In case of inclement weather, groups eat on buses or in cars.  Indoor lunch facilities are provided during the History Explorers program in March.

4. What should students wear to Strawbery Banke?

  • The museum is on a 10-acre site and visitors must walk outside from building to building.  Therefore, dress that is appropriate for the weather is recommended.  The pathways at the museum are dirt and can be uneven.  Therefore, sturdy, comfortable sneakers or boots are recommended.

5. Does the museum close in inclement weather?  Can we reschedule our trip in the case of rain?

  • In general, the museum does not close for inclement weather.  During winter programs, the museum will close if Portsmouth schools are closed due to weather.  Rescheduling can be done if space is available.  Self-guided tours are easier to reschedule than Time Travel Workshops, Thanksgiving & History Explorers program dates.

6. Is there a gift shop on site?

  • There a select items for sale in the Visitor’s Center and a gift shop called Pickwick’s at the Banke.  To avoid children carrying money or using time in the gift shop, groups can pre-order souvenir packages in advance.  Please refer to the email you received confirming your trip or email for details.

7. Do you limit the number of students that visit each day?  When is the best time to plan a trip?

  • We do limit the number of students to 400 – 500 on the busiest days.  To avoid crowds, the best time to visit is before Memorial Day and in the fall.  Special programs have maximum and minimum numbers.

8. Time Travel Workshops are limited to 10-15 students each.  How do you divide larger groups?

  • Time Travel Workshops are 90-minutes each.  Typically workshops are offered in two sessions:  10:00 – 11:30 and 12:00 – 1:30 OR 9:30 – 11:00 and 11:30 – 1:00.  The group is usually divided so that half the students do workshops in the first session while the other half does a self-guided tour and then they switch for the second session. We decide how many workshops we need depending on the number of students that you bring.  (Ex. 24 students, 2 groups one in each session.  120 students, 10 groups – 5 in each session.).  We ask that teachers place the children in groups BEFORE coming to the museum so we don’t have to take time dividing them upon arrival.

9. Can all my students participate in the same workshop?

  • It depends how many students you have and which workshop you want to do.  Hearth Cooking and Cookstove Cooking can only be done once per session (maximum of 30 students each day).  Architecture can be done twice per session (maximum of 60 students each day).  Becoming Americans, Archaeology, Work It Out, Colonial Sampler, Toys and Games and Maritime Life & Trade can each be done 3 times per session (maximum of 90 students each day).  Most groups choose a few different workshops that are run once in each session, but if you have more than the max. number for each day, there is the option of splitting up the group and coming on multiple days.

10. Will there be craftspeople and roleplayers on the day of my visit?

  • We try to have a least one craftsperson and 3 roleplayers on site each day of our regular season.  However, illness or emergency can sometimes prevent these people from coming on a given day, which is why we cannot guarantee who will be here on the day of your visit.  There are no craftspeople or roleplayers on site for off-season programming unless it is part of the program.

11. Is there a place to get lunch or snacks at the museum?

  • During the regular season, there is a café on site where groups can get lunches and snacks.  The space is limited so you may want to build in extra time if you plan to order food at the museum.
  • The café is not open during programs offered November – March.

12. Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

13. Do you require a deposit when a program is booked?

  • At this time, we do not require a deposit from groups.  We will email an invoice that you will need to fill out and bring with you on the day of your trip.

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