Rider-Wood House

Welcome to the Rider-Wood House!

This was home to Mrs. Rider and her nieces and nephews. They were all immigrants from England.

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In the 1830s, Puddle Dock was home to a business woman:

Mrs. Mary Rider

Mrs. Rider lived to be 94. Her face is sunken in because she did not have any teeth left! She owned a small shop in her house that sold molasses, and she sold land and traded money:


Click the lists below to find out some of the things she owned:

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Mrs. Rider paid for her nieces and nephews to come to America and gave them a home them in this neighborhood. This is a letter from one of her nieces, Jane Wood in 1837. Jane was writing to her mother who was still in England:

Picture too small? Click here to download a Word document of the letter.