Self-Guided Tours (All grade levels)

Fall 013Step into the past in the historic neighborhood of Strawbery Banke! Unique among outdoor history museums, Strawbery Banke presents the unfolding story of life in a New England city over four centuries of change. Explore furnished homes, still sitting on their original foundations along well-traveled streets. Experience home life, entertainment, chores, play, and work.  Learn from intriguing exhibits, and take in the sights and scents of period gardens. The skilleBoys and BlacksmithSONY DSCd staff of historic interpreters and costumed roleplayers guide your students through daily life in times past, from the 1690s to the 1950s. Use our Discovery Guide 2019 to help plan and focus your visit.

Offered May 1st – October 31st.  Price: $8.00 per student/$8.00 per adult chaperone.  Registration Required.

Curriculum Standards Supported by Self-Guided Tour:

C3 Frameworks:  D2.Geo.4.3-5, D2.Geo.5.3-5, D2.Geo.6.3-5,D2.Geo.7.3-5, D2.Geo.8.3-5, D2.His.5.3-5, D2.His.6.3-5Schools Meeting Mrs Tucker

Next Generation Science Standards: MS-LS2-1


NH Frameworks: SS: GE:2, GE:4, GE:5, HI:4, HI:5; Science: SPS3