Shapiro House

Welcome to the Shapiro House!

This was the home of Sarah, Abraham and Mollie Shapiro.

Shapiro Exterior

Here is what Portsmouth looked like to Mollie Shapiro:

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Meet the Shapiro Family:

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Puddle Dock in 1919 Welcomes Immigrant Families

Click on the Images below to see the process of immigration:

The Shapiro family immigrated from Anapol, Ukraine.  The village of Anapol was part of the Russian Empire in 1919 (today it is part of Poland). Ukraine had become a dangerous place to live because of Russian pogroms that organized violence against the Jewish people.

From Ukraine, members of the Shapiro family went to Liverpool, England and saved enough money to buy a ticket to board a steamship heading for America.

Four of Abraham’s brothers also immigrated to America. The picture above is a Declaration of Intention that his brother, Harry, signed when he got to New Hampshire.

The Shapiro family brought many of their Jewish customs with them from Ukraine. Here are some of these customs:

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They also adopted American customs and entertainment:

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