Thematic Tour Options

Strawbery Banke Museum has 8 furnished buildings that are open to the public and staffed with interpreters and roleplayers.  In addition, the Museum includes 4 demonstrations; 5 traditional exhibits on topics such as historic preservation, architecture and craftsmanship; and a Discovery Center with hands-on activities.  Since these buildings and exhibits cover a variety of topics and time periods, exploring the Museum can be overwhelming for children and adults alike.  Here are some suggestions for self-guided themed tours that can help students make connections between the buildings and provide a more focused and cohesive visit.

  • Immigration Tour

Visit the following sites on your self-guided tour to learn about immigrants that lived in the Puddle Dock neighborhood through time:

Pitt Tavern

Rider-Wood House

Goodwin Mansion

Shapiro House

  • Early America Tour

Visit these homes on your self-guided tour to explore life from the late-17th-century through the Revolutionary War and the New Republic.

Sherburne House (1695)

Pitt Tavern (1777)

Wheelwright House (1780)

Shapley-Drisco House (1795)

  • Industrial Revolution Tour

See how the Industrial Revolution changed household technology and home furnishings by touring the following 19th- and early 20th-century homes:

Chase House (1818)

Rider-Wood House (1830)

Goodwin Mansion (1870)

Shapiro House (1919)

  • 20th-Century Changes Tour

Visit the following homes on your self-guided tour to explore life in the first half of the 20th-century from 1908 – 1950:

Thomas Bailey Aldrich House (1908)*

Shapiro House (1919)

Abbott Store (1943)

Shapley – Drisco House (1950)

*Note:  As of 2019, Thomas Bailey Aldrich House can only be seen by guided tour.  Refer to visitor map for times.