Thomas Bailey Aldrich House

Welcome to the Thomas Bailey Aldrich Memorial! 

Mrs. Aldrich established this house as a memorial to her husband, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, who lived here with his grandfather between the ages of 12 and 16.

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Puddle Dock in 1908 becomes the setting of an adventure story:

Click on the images below to follow the life of Tomas Bailey Aldrich from childhood prankster to famous writer.

One of the most famous books he wrote was titled The Story of a Bad Boy. This book told stories about Thomas’s adventures in Puddle Dock as a child.

TBA-Story of a Bad Boy

Look at the illustrations of the book below and see if you can tell what trouble Thomas has gotten into!

Not all of these stories are entirely true, but only Thomas knows what is true and what isn’t!

TBA-Thomas Bailey Aldrich Thinking