Wheelwright House

Welcome to the Wheelwright House!

This was home to Captain John Wheelwright, his wife Elizabeth and their two children.

Wheelwright ExteriorCaptain John Wheelwright worked in the maritime industry like Stephen Chase. John was actually the captain of his own ship. His ships would have looked like the ships in the images below:

Puddle Dock in the 1780s cooked meals on the hearth.

The Wheelwrights lived before electricity and modern technology. Like all of the families at the time, they cooked and preserved food without a stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, or any of the electrical appliances we use today.

Food was cooked on the hearth or in the bake oven.

What was not cooked was preserved. A lot of food was preserved by drying it. Can you identify the dried foods below?

Other food—especially vegetables— were put in vinegar for preservation. Can you recognize the foods below?